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Updated the fiction page with one new story:

Chronicles of a vampire cat, Supernatural. Gen. 590 words. Sam called her Lolita. Dean asked if he had any issues he needed to work out.

Updated the fiction page with two new stories:

All your zombies, Supernatural. Gen. 650 words. It figured that when Dean finally got a dog, it turned out to be a zombie.

And It's a Whole New Ball Game, SPN RPS. Jensen/Jared. 14,821 words. AU. Jared's looking to make it in the big leagues.

Updated the fiction page with four new stories:

Imprinted, Supernatural. Sam/Dean. 5115 words. Sam's growing up.

Let me be a free man, Supernatural. Sam/Dean. 1904 words. Post-AHBL. July 2007.

The Diner at the End of the World, Supernatural/DIR. Gen. 837 words. Crossover with The Dark Is Rising. June 2007.

Kissing Signs, Here is Greenwood. Mitsuru/Shinobu. 1020 words. Pajamas, school spirit and kissing. June 2007.

Updated the fiction page with three stories (and one new fandom):

Down Like Water, Supernatural. Gen. 5200 words. Sam and Dean in the aftermath.

American Gothic, Supernatural. Gen. 3900 words. A day in the life.

Before the Fall, Stargate: Atlantis, John/Keras. Written for Hal's birthday.

8/27/06 Updated the site layout and added three stories to the fiction page:

A Glorious War, Remus/Sirius. written for the 2005 Remus/Sirius Shacking Up Sesa challenge.

Happiness Through Good Works, Mitsuru/Shinobu, written for the 2005 yuletide challenge.

Morale in the Workplace, Stargate: Atlantis, John/Ronon, written September 2005.

Put up my Shacking Up Sesa story: A Thousand Doors.

Finally uploaded Stubby Boardman and the Cacao Bean (Remus/Luna) to the fiction page.

Added A Late Frost (Remus/Sirius) and Sir Percy and the Dragon to the fiction page.

Uploaded Visitations, a Zechs/Treize (Gundam Wing) story written for the yuletide challenge.

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