Fanfiction Resources

The Fan Fiction Directory
Very complete directory of links to archives and homepages in all fandoms; slash, gen, and het.

Minotaur's Slash Page Database
Also very comprehensive. Allows you to search slash fan sites by fandom, pairing, and type.

Writers on Writing
Interviews with fanfiction authors

Sports Night
Information site with character info, links, original scripts, transcripts, pictures, and more.

TKTV - Sports Night
Another good info site with links, more scripts, episode summaries, and links.


The Glass Onion Archive
Archive for stories posted on the glass onion mailing list

The Dark Is Rising Slash Archive
Now there are seven!

LitSlash Archive

RareSlash Archive
new and in progress

Fight Club Slash Archive

Archive site for fic based in British shows

Down in the Basement

X-Files slash: also has stories archived from the MKRA and Archive X

The Cube
X-Files: formerly the MK Fight Club

Sports Night Fan Fiction Archive
Main archive for Sports Night fiction, mostly slash

The Annex: X-Files Novel Archive

X-Men: the Movie Slash Archive

X-Men: the Movie Fan Fiction Central

X-Men: the Movieverse

CFAN: the Comic Fan-Fiction Authors' Network

Recommendation/Review Sites

torch's recs

story recs
(Anna S.; Sentinel, SG1)

All Jewels Have Flaws....

Cori Lannam's Mild-Mannered Recommendation Page

Story Recommendations
(Basingstoke; multi-fandom)

Te's Recs

(X-Files: MSR; gen; slash)

Jintian Li's recs

BadBatz Slash Recs
(127 story recs, 34 fandoms)

Multi-fandom Fiction Recommendations
(Meredith Lynne)

Devon's Big Ball of Slash

Pavilion Fanfiction

Zoe Rayne's Fiction Recommendations

Purity's Room

Doc Science's Recs

WitchQueen's Contes de Fees Preferes

Recommendations by Janette

Polyamorous Recommendations

Dance While You Can....


Our Boys: West Wing and Sports Night

Me, Me, Me
Elizabeth's fiction and fanfiction recs

Cereta's Fanfic Symposium
(essays on slash fanfiction)

The Fanfic Review Board
(reviews of slash fanfiction)

The Jan and June Slash Weblog

sidewinder's recs

rosa's recs


flambeau factory (torch)

anna's stories (Anna S.)

Stories by Jan and June

Nonie Rider's Slash Page

Slash by Jessica Harris

Courtney's Fanfic

Short Stories and Essays of Jane Mortimer

Debchan's Slash Page

The Spike's X-Files Slash Page


Calculated Risks: Writings by LeFey

the jinjoint
(Jintian Li)

(MSR; gen; Sc/K)

(X-Men, Roswell, Buffy)

!Super Cat
(Voyager, Anime, Vampire Chronicles)

Kat Allison's Fiction
(Highlander, X-Files, Hard Core Logo)

Livia's Library
(Sentinel, due South, Buffy, Roswell, Misc.)

The Vanity Project
(Laura Shapiro: X-Files, Buffy, due South)

Gemma Files
(Oz, X-Men, others)

Rat and Fox: The Fanfiction of Cody Nelson

(Highlander, Sentinel, Sports Night, Due South)

(Highlander, Sentinel, Due South)

Mairead Triste
< (Highlander, Sentinel, X-Files, Oz)

The SkaLab
(Pares: X-Files, Sentinel, Due South, Sports Night)

Jane St Clair's Fan Fiction
(Star Trek, X-Files, Star Wars, misc.)

(X-Files, Star Wars, X-Men)

The Green Room
(Viridian5: X-Files, due South, Buffy, Once a Thief, lots more)

sidewinder's slash

Miriam Heddy

Radio Free CSC: Sports Night Fiction
(Meredith Lynne)

Cori Lannam's Fanfiction

Emily Brunson

Helen gets the Job done


Nestra and Shrift

Punk Maneuverability




Anna-Maria Jennings

Caroline Baker


Slash Fan's Guide to Hong Kong Cinema
(did you watch Shanghai Noon and think it was one of the slashiest things ever? Then go here to check out more great Hong Kong cinema picks)

How to Write Good
(one of the best "how to write" sites I've found. More like a "how not to write" site)
Hosts archives for ShanghaiSlash, Joxerotica, Master/Apprentice, sockii's pages, plus various personal pages (like mine!)