Put up my Shacking Up Sesa story: A Thousand Doors.

11/27/04 Finally uploaded Stubby Boardman and the Cacao Bean (Remus/Luna) to the fiction page.

7/7/04 Added A Late Frost (Remus/Sirius) and Sir Percy and the Dragon to the fiction page.

1/10/04 Uploaded Visitations, a Zechs/Treize (Gundam Wing) story written for the yuletide challenge.

10/18/03 New site design!

10/8/03 Another new HP story, Remus/Sirius: Three Days.

6/11/03 A new HP story, Remus/Sirius: House.

4/30/03 A new HP story, and I put up some short snippets on the fiction page from my writing journal.

1/8/03 New recs and a new story: Love Song (Resident Evil).

12/30/02 New look for the (almost) new year.

12/5/02 Another completed Gundam Wing story, also begun a year and a half ago. For a Strange Country, in which Duo deals with the events of episode 10.

11/12/02 I'm finally posting a completed Gundam Wing story, my only one as of yet (I only started it, like, a year and a half ago.) Altitude, in which Lady Une muses on OZ and power.

10/6/02 New recs.

8/31/02 August recs.

8/6/02 Updated the recs and added a blog. I need to update my links, but that will have to wait for another day.

1/12/02 A couple of new stories: Water and Smoke, an Ai no Kusabi fic; and my DIR contribution to the shack challenge.

1/1/02 Two new stories: a Harry Potter one, called In the Morning, and a short Sports Night snippet. I also gave the Anackire story a title: Once of Am Xai. Had to be done. Some minor changes made to the index and fiction page; not a sweeping change for the new year, but I like change in small doses.

11/30/01New recs, and I revamped the linkspage.

10/16/01 Updated the links page and added a couple of pictures to the art page: Rurouni Kenshin and Mitsuru and Shinobu from Here is Greenwood.

8/9/01 After a bit of a hiatus from fun fan stuff, I have added a few new recs. In doing so, I realized how little fan fiction I've actually been able to read the last couple of months, something I should quickly remedy.

6/4/01 Some new recs, two new links, and a small update to the art page: a link to Laura Shapiro's marvelous Buffy story, The Twilight's Last Gleaming, which has a Joyce/Giles drawing I did for her.

5/14/01 Surprise, I updated the art page. There is a new drawing of Trowa, plus a link to an illustration for torch's Drift. I also updated the links: fixed broken ones and took down those no longer going anywhere.

5/2/01 Updated the art page with a new sketch; this one is more rough than finished, but I decided I liked it better that way :). I also put up links to two illustrations I did for torch's GW stories, which are hosted at her site.

4/18/01 New picture on the art page. Mmm...Duo. And Heero. Duo and Heero together.

4/15/01 New recommendations, and I've added a couple of Sports Night authors to the links page.

4/6/01 I put up an art page with some Gundam Wing sketches. I know I'm obsessed when I start drawing :).

3/28/01 Updated the links: added a couple, fixed broken ones, changed some that have moved. Yep, another exciting day in Kest land.

3/22/01 I have a new home! Thanks to sockii, I am now hosted at sockiipress.org. Older updates are now located here.

3/20/01 Updated the links; added two snippets to the fiction page. I wrote both of them a while ago, but I'm just now putting them up. The first is based on Tanith Lee's Anackire, the book that first got me interested in slashy-type relationships. The second is a Sports Night snippet that began as a larger project but fizzled out. I wish I could say that I'll eventually continue it.

3/17/01 Happy St. Patrick's Day! After a long hiatus from fanfic-type fun, I've finally put up new recs.